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Teacher Interview Questions and Answers is a 5 star rated book with 140 pages designed to give you the confidence to pass that all important interview.  Researched and written with the support of senior teachers, lecturers and teacher trainers who have experienced interviews questions on both sides of the interview panel,  Teacher Interview Questions and Answers is an essential guide to passing your interview.
The content is current and designed to help support teachers in the UK get the job they want!

Dear fellow teacher,

Interviews can be a scary process. There is a lot to think about; from planning your initial lesson and demonstrating subject knowledge to facing the interview panel and convincing them why you should get the job.  

Interviews can be a daunting process! There is the unknown, not knowing what questions will be asked, the self-doubt and worry that all of us have to deal with. 

There is so much fear at teacher interviews and where I have gone wrong in the past is I didn't know how to prepare. I didn't know how to look at job descriptions and person specifications and I was scared of being asked questions of which I may not have the answers for. 

In particular in a recent interview I was asked a couple of tricky questions;

A student who is predicted a grade B achieves a grade D. Who is responsible? 

What would you do if a student revealed sensitive information to you that clearly placed them in an at risk situation?

The first question would have thrown me completely! However I was prepared because I studied this book. Preparation is the key and having the answers to questions like these made me feel much more comfortable when the day approached. 

Understanding a range of questions that might be asked is one of the main reasons I purchased this book. Interviews are not something we are faced with every day and having a valuable tool like this is essential in your career development. 


Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

This comprehensive 140 page Teacher Interview Questions and Answers book is guaranteed to help you prepare 100% for your interview!

E. McShane 

What is included in this guide

  • A number of helpful expert tips 
  • An example application form 
  • An example covering letter 
  • 40+ teacher interview questions and answers 
  • Learn how to overcome interview nerves
  • Templates provided so you can fill in your own answers. 
  • Simple easy structure to help you organise your thoughts
  • How to understand what the employer is looking for by using the job description and person specification. 
Teacher Interview Questions


Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

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Must have guide if you are in the teaching profession!

FOR ONLY £7.99 

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Must have guide if you are in the teaching profession!

FOR ONLY £7.99